CTC talent solutions help solve cyber skills shortages for leading companies.

Cyber Talent Labs (CTL) creates programs that help corporations identify talented professionals and university students for future careers in Cybersecurity. We combine our game-changing approach to cyber talent identification and talent transfer with expertise in talent development, talent measurement, cyber simulations and technical training to deliver talent solutions that identify and engage future cybersecurity leaders.


“Estimates of the global cybersecurity workforce shortfall range from one to two million positions unfilled by 2019.”

A secure cybersecurity environment requires a robust workforce, yet currently there are not enough cybersecurity professionals to adequately defend computer networks.

This harms the ability of businesses and Governments to effectively deal with the rapidly increasing scale and scope of cyber attacks. Businesses and Governments must act quickly to fix this problem by facilitating the entry of more people into the cybersecurity workforce.


CTC programs are designed to help our clients identify talented professionals and university students with the potential for high-performance careers in the Cybersecurity workplace. The testing currently involves measuring intellectual attributes such as problem solving, technology competency, creativity, coding, adaptability, strategy, innovation and collaboration, strong analytical and diagnostic skills, with additional specific testing in relation to particular businesses or industries. We also work in cooperation with State and Federal institutes, universities and agencies, to help companies find, test, train and hire the right cybersecurity talent.

Talent Pool Expansion

CTL implements coordinated cybersecurity talent identification, development and pathway enhancement programs across the world, which includes:

University Talent ID

University Talent Identification through “CyberTalentCamps”, where companies can discover and observe factors or characteristics that university students may possesses that can influence success in a specific business.

Talent Transfer Programs

Talent Transfer Programs for experienced business professionals (for IT and Digital) who are seeking a career change into the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.

Non-traditional Talent Discovery

Cross disciplinary talent discovery for business professionals and university students to transition from industries that have similar skills and promoting cyber diversity (e.g. analytics, languages, coding, strategy and business).


University Students

Learn & explore career opportunities in cyber security at CyberTalentCamps

Business Professionals

Make the change to one of the world's most in-demand industries

Businesses & Vendors

Identify, assess & hire the best cybersecurity talent

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